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Young People

Welcome to the part of this website especially developed for young people. Here you will find a variety of things to do and read to help you find out more about alcohol and drug education and why you should ‘Think Smart and Stay Safe’.

Do you know your drugs?

Test your knowledge with FADE's online game now.

What Drug Is That?Play!


Visit the Alcohol and Drug information section to read the FAQ’s about the many drugs available to today’s youth. Go to If you can’t find the answers to your questions then post a message to our forums either on the “ASK A FADE CONSULTANT forum on to the YOUNG PEOPLE forum. Post your message here



If you're going clubbing, make sure you party smart. The virtual clubber takes the drugs so you don't have to! Check this out to see the short-term effects that different party drugs will have on your body .


Effects of drugs on the body and brain

The U.S NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) website has an informative and interactive section for students and young adults. Play Sara’s Quest to find out the effects of drugs on the body and brain


Relevant research

For those of you completing projects or assignments that require you to research information about alcohol and drug related topics then you may like to visit the research part of the NIDA website. This U.S government funded website has many official research reports. Go to