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rugby player hit by ball

Drugs have been linked with sports for as long as we can remember and it is often difficult to find recent and relevant information on this subject.


FADE has recently produced an informative A3 sized poster titled ‘Sports Drugs: What they are and what they do’. This poster can be purchased by contacting FADE or purchasing it online. To buy it online go to: . FADE also has a number of other resources on the topic of drugs and sports.

FADE services

For over 15 years FADE has worked closely with olympic athletes and sport people who have represented New Zealand in a wide variety of sports. FADE invites you to contact them to organise custom made workshops and seminars for your sports organisation or team.  For further information email .

Drug Free Sport NZ

Contact FADE ( or Drug Free Sport NZ to obtain the latest posters, postcards and wallet cards promoting drug free sport. See

Recommended links

For additional information FADE recommends that you visit the New Zealand Sports Drug Agency website and the Sport and Recreation New Zealand website


For answers to frequently asked questions about commonly used drugs in New Zealand visit the alcohol and drug info part of this website. Go to