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More and more employers in the workplace are recognising health and safety as being pivotal to workplace output and so Industry has become an ever expanding area of FADEís work in the community. †For that reason FADE has developed this area of the website to provide a one stop shop for our Industry community.

Workshops and Seminars: FADE offers a custom made quality service

During the past 10 years FADE has worked with a number of industry groups including Works Infrastructure and the New Zealand Herald.

FADEís services include:

Are you worried about your or a colleagues alcohol intake?

Try the Drink Check List on the The Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand (ALAC) website. Go to .

Need some information to share with your colleagues or staff?

FADE has a vast amount of quality pamphlets, videos, books and CDís that you can buy online. Browse these resources here and shop online

Up-to-date research

Visit the US National Institute on Drug Abuse for up-to-date relevant research information. Go to

Thank you

FADE would like to thank Winstone Aggregates, Golden Bay Cement, Pacific Steel Group, and Placemakers for generously funding the development of this website.

We would also like to thank Plumbing World who recently ran a very successful fundraising event where FADE was one of the main beneficiaries.

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