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Alcohol & Drug Info


Where do you get prescription medicines?

Prescription medicines are only available on the prescription of a doctor. They are prescribed to help cure physical or mental illness. The misuse of medicines can cause health problems.

Can large doses of sedatives affect health and behaviour?

They can cause slurred speech, reduced concentration and confused thinking. Sedative abusers appear drunk. Over-use of these drugs during pregnancy increases the risk of damage to the baby. Withdrawal effects such as sweating and vomiting can result when the use of sedatives is stopped suddenly.

Can valium affect your health?

Over-use of valium and other tranquilisers can result in lowered blood pressure and slowed breathing. Studies have shown an increased risk of hyperactivity in babies born to mothers using large doses of valium during pregnancy. Withdrawal from addiction to these drugs is extremely difficult and side-effects can be worse than the original reason for taking the drug.

What happens if you use stimulants?

Stimulants may change the user's mood temporarily. Overuse can lead to liver and stomach damage. Appetite is often lost and sleeping becomes difficult. Extended use can result in personality problems such as aggression.

Can large amounts of aspirin affect your health?

Excess aspirin can irritate the stomach, lead to possible internal bleeding and an increased risk of kidney damage. High dosages can cause loss of potassium which results in dizziness.

What if I use prescription medicines with other drugs?

The effects of using two or more drugs together are unpredictable. For example using sedatives and alcohol considerably increases the slowing down effects of each drug.

How can I be sure that I am using the medicines safely?