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What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is known internationally as a short acting general anaesthetic used mainly by vets and to a lesser degree people.

Is form does it come in?

It comes in the form of a grainy white powder, gel capsules and as a liquid in a glass vile for injecting.

How is it used?

It is usually inhaled/snorted and sometimes smoked. Ketamine dissolves in liquids including alcohol.

What are the street names for Ketamine?

Cat valium, Kitty Flipping, Green (inferior quality), Jet K, Special K and Vitamin K are some of the street names for Ketamine.

What are the consequences of using Ketamine recreationally?

Ketamine increases blood pressure by approximately 25% for a short term period and increases the heart rate by about 20%. Its use it not advised for people with cardio vascular disease, heart failure, severe or poorly controlled hypertension, people who have a history of strokes to use Ketamine.

What are the risks?

Ketamine can cause poor coordination, diminished ability to use machinery or drive, poor ability to make rational decisions, reduced motor control; and response times leading to accidents and falls. Ketamine’s numbing and analgesic effects may mean injuries and bleeding can go unnoticed.

Ketamine can also induce schizophrenic-like symptoms in people and bring on psychotic events.

Ketamine effects cognitive function, particularly memory.

A US research study has found evidence that there can be a link between the practice of unsafe sex and Ketamine use in the gay and bisexual party scene and it has also been linked to ‘date rape’ and drink ‘spiking’