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Club Drugs

young people using ecstasy

The term club drugs is used to describe a wide range of chemical substances used by people who go to raves and dance parties. They range from legal drugs such as alcohol to illegal substances such as ecstasy and also prescription drugs like GHB. These drugs are very much part of the chemical revolution seen during the past 30 years. A growing number of such drugs are now mass produced and are more readily available than ever before.

Try this BBC online interactive to see the effects some of these club drugs have on the body and brain.

Click on the links on the left-hand-side of this page to find out more about some of these club drugs.

Party Drug Guide

CADS has produced 'sorted' to assist people who want to be better informed about the effects of drugs commonly used to party. This is so people can:

A) Make informed choices
B) Reduce the risks associated with their drug use
C) Think twice before using