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BZP/Party Pills

What is BZP?

BZP stands for Benzylpiperazine. It is a stimulant that has an hallucinogenic-amphetamine effect.

How do people use it?

BZP is found in some of the party pills that many people are using today. It is usually swallowed.

Is it legal?

From April 1st 2008 BZP became a class C1 controlled drug under the Misuse Of Drugs Act.  This makes it illegal to make, sell, import, export, possess or use.  Also from this date, a six month amnesty exists for possession for personal use less than 5 grams or 100 flakes, tablets, capsules, or other drug forms, each containing some quantity of the drug.

What are the short term effects?

Some of the short term effects include euphoria, increased alertness, muscle aches, agitation, hypertension and an altered mental alertness.

What are the long term effects?

Long term effects due to poisoning could include acute renal failure, seizures, blood clotting, heart, liver and kidney toxicity and coma, possibly leading to death.

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