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Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Education

Drugs touch people's lives in so many ways. The FADE website is here to help you, your family, friends, workmates and the community you choose to be part of.


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23rd October 2014
The number of blood samples analysed by police in the region has declined 37 per cent since 2013 - and a Hawke's Bay barrister says it may be because more drink-drivers realise they may as well cop the charge and move on. In the Eastern policing district, 270 blood samples were analysed in 2011. That number fell to 169 in 2013. Declines have occurred across the country, police statistics show, although few are as marked as the Eastern district. Napier barrister Cam Robertson said he didn't believe blood tests were an unpopular option but "there will be occasions when we tell people there is no reason to elect for a blood test because you'll be putting yourself up for extra expenses.
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21st October 2014
Drinking sugary soft drinks may accelerate biological ageing as much as smoking, a study has found. The findings, from an analysis of thousands of DNA samples, suggested that sweet fizzy drinks had worse effects on health than merely promoting obesity. They may actually speed up the rate at which cells age - although scientists could not confirm that the effect was causal. The study focused on telomeres, protective caps on the ends of the chromosomes that provide a measure of biological ageing. Telomeres shorten with age, and short telomeres are associated with chronic problems of ageing such as heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer.
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2013 Resource Catalogue Now Available

The 2013 Resource Catalogue is now available. Download your copy here or get in touch by email and we'll send you a copy. Ordering resources is easy. Either, fax your order using the order form sent with the 2013 Catalogue, or email your requirements to and it will be actioned the same day.  The Foundation continues to distribute a wide range of resources to New Zealand secondary schools.   Clearly FADE's resources are well used and meet the demands of the New Zealand curriculum. Get in touch if you need any help at all.


Stay fit and well

Colin Bramfitt
Executive Director



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