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Pit your wits and test your drug knowledge with these interactive activities:
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Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Education

Drugs touch people's lives in so many ways. The FADE website is here to help you, your family, friends, workmates and the community you choose to be part of.


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26th May 2015
The Government has been urged to consider restricting sales of nicotine electronic cigarettes to pharmacies, in a blog to be published today by public health experts. But an opponent of medical-style controls says doing that would impede access to a device that has huge potential to reduce smoking harm. Battery-powered e-cigarettes produce a vapour containing nicotine, the chemical craved by smokers. Nicotine inhalation carries some health risks, but these are far less than from inhaling the many harmful components of tobacco smoke.
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26th May 2015
More than 30 people have been treated at Auckland City and Middlemore hospitals for bad reactions to what is thought to be a potent synthetic cannabis, in a cluster of cases that have surprised doctors in the past three weeks. "We've had some more in the last few days," said Dr Emma Lawrey, a specialist at the Auckland City Hospital adults' emergency department. That brings her hospital's tally to around 20. Middlemore in South Auckland has had about 12. Dr Lawrey said it was the second and worst spike of synthetic cannabis users seeking emergency department help in Auckland since the Government last May banned previously lawful psychoactive substances including synthetic cannabis.
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2013 Resource Catalogue Now Available

The 2013 Resource Catalogue is now available. Download your copy here or get in touch by email and we'll send you a copy. Ordering resources is easy. Either, fax your order using the order form sent with the 2013 Catalogue, or email your requirements to and it will be actioned the same day.  The Foundation continues to distribute a wide range of resources to New Zealand secondary schools.   Clearly FADE's resources are well used and meet the demands of the New Zealand curriculum. Get in touch if you need any help at all.


Stay fit and well

Colin Bramfitt
Executive Director



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